Why Do We Need an Air Purifier in our Home?

air purifier We’re all familiar with air purifiers in airplanes, at the mall, and in the hospital, where they keep people calm and stress-free by insuring that the air breathed is cool, clean, and fragrant. The air in our homes, too, can be vastly improved by means of an air purifier.

It’s a proven fact, although many of us wouldn’t care to admit it, that the air in our homes is filled with contaminants, making it a lot dirtier than the air outside. There are the usual culprits, such as particles in the air from cooking, from smoking, from enjoying a fire in the fireplace. Pets, no matter how lovable, are going to slough off dead skin in the form of dander, that’s why you should be looking for best air purifier for pets. Carpets and rugs are literally storehouses of all kinds of contaminants, all of which are released into the air when we vacuum. Those dust mites in upholstered furniture are the sources of more. If we have a garden outside or keep indoor plants, there’s going to be pollen in the air. And don’t forget airborne illnesses such as the common cold, the germs of which are wafted throughout our house every time someone sneezes.

But we’ve probably gotten quite used to the air in our homes, even if it is, well, polluted. Why should we clean it? There are a number of reasons, the most important of which has to do with our health. People who suffer from allergies of any kind really do need to keep the indoor air they breathe as clean as possible. This goes too for people with any kind of respiratory condition, such as asthma. Even if we don’t suffer from such conditions, air purifiers eliminate germs, bacteria, and mold that can make any of us ill.

Clean air helps us to sleep more soundly and to eliminate stress. There’s an element of convenience involved too: keeping the air clean means less dusting and general cleaning around the house. Carpets in a home with an air purifier will harbor fewer particles, and will last longer with less wear and tear. With less heavy moisture in the house, surfaces naturally stay cleaner and brighter. Our homes have a light, clean fragrance.

How do Air Purifiers Work?

portable air purifierAir purifiers work by removing the contaminants in the air. There are five basic types of air purifiers. Air cleaners are probably the simplest of these. They consist of a special filter through which the air in a room must pass. Air cleaners may be as simple as a filter placed next to the furnace, or they may be mobile stand-alone units. Ionizing purifiers are much more complex, changing the molecular structure of contaminating particles so that they clump together and sink out of the air. Ozone generators function in a way similar to the ionizing purifiers, but eliminate contaminating particles by emitting ozone gas. Adsorbents suck the dirty air through charcoal or some other purifying substance. Finally, there are air purifiers that destroy bacteria by emitting ultraviolet radiation.


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